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for Leadership

Multiple channels, one report.

Clarity helps companies and organizations identify opportunities in minutes -
and they're seeing results!

Lead Gen +102%

Clarity identified an opportunity that led to a 102% increase in lead gen for a beta client.

E-Commerce: Revenue Up 15%

Clarity identified audience patterns that informed a change in site design and increased revenue for a beta client.

All with no training.
No report rearranging.
No build out.

Go Global and
Eliminate Granular

Clarity highlights marketing strengths and opportunities in minutes.

Clarity offers a global view of marketing in moments; it’s designed for leaders that need to manage time, talent, and budgets. 

By reducing the data chaos found in programs that teams use for day-to-day work, Clarity reveals clean, clear, decision-ready insights so leaders – i.e., you – can easily scale marketing strategies. With input from C-suite, executive directors, senior leadership, and business owners, Clarity is visually refined to deliver real-time, omnichannel data in one place. 

With an easy-to-read flow of information, see the health of your marketing and business in one place. You’ll know what to prioritize, where to pivot, and when to spend – as well as what audiences are responding to, where to capture their attention, and more.

In a nutshell: You’ll understand what’s working so you can drive talent, time, and budgets towards organizational success.

Your Daily Briefing

Or weekly briefing - whatever you need - it's always online.

In minutes, your Clarity profile provides answers to questions like:

Clearer Diagnostics Bring Greater Opportunities

Integrations and Options

Clarity offers a variety of channel integrations – here’s a sampling:




Clarity - For Leaders3

What to Know

Clarity’s primary solution provides insights to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Twitter or LinkedIn and, if qualified with the appropriate metrics, your email marketing provider. Additional, qualified channels are available at a fee.

Clarity teams are happy to make minor adjustments to dashboard setup as part of the production build, though specific tailoring may require additional fees. We’ll always let you make decisions prior to buildout.

Pricing? Good question. Clarity is currently in beta – though soon will be a subscription service. Sign up to be a beta client and you too will have clarity. 

Visual diagnostics for leveraging talent, time and resources.