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About Clarity

Our Story

In a Nutshell

We couldn’t find an acceptable leadership-level diagnostic marketing profile for companies or organizations, so we built one ourselves.

It gave us clarity so we called it Clarity.

Slightly Longer Version

Everyone wants to make informed decisions that strengthen teams, support business growth and leverage talent and budgets – all based on the correct data. Not 50% of the some of the data, or 30% of the not-so-important data – but 100% of the correct data that drives growth and success.

For years, we used readily-available, granular-based reporting software programs and yet continued to spend hours and hours of team time putting together leadership-level reports. Ugh. 

We couldn’t find an acceptable leadership-level diagnostic profile for companies or organizations, so we built one ourselves. It’s Clarity(Yes, we repeated this from In a Nutshell.)

The Whole Story: Why We Created Clarity

We couldn’t find a leadership-ready diagnostic tool so we created it. How did this even happen?

What We Do:  We specialize in integrated omnichannel marketing strategies for international, national, regional and local companies and organizations. We partner with leadership and teams to create strategies, craft and publish omnichannel content, implement and manage campaigns and contests, then measure results. And we did this before integrated marketing was a thing. 

In 2016, we began generating and publishing between 3,500-4,000+ pieces of content a month for clients in multiple industries. We created content for web, social channels, videos, blogs, emails, SMS, animation, memes, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, and multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-state advertising campaigns. Plus we managed CRM for many clients. Also, we helped clients through national and international crisis, listening, monitoring and responding on social and digital channels. 

What We Saw: All our content creation and listening generated mountain ranges of data. It didn’t take long to see what data points moved the needle – the ones that signaled money was being made, channel combinations that meant critical audiences were responding – and how best to use channels in conjunction with each other. We saw how to course-correct talent, budgets and strategies with the changing tides of consumerism, business trends, and then when privacy policies and cookie usage began to re-invent themselves. 

What We Couldn’t Find: A leadership-ready diagnostic profile that showed what was working and what needed attention. We wanted a tool that presented a global view to critical data with an eye to business growth. Sure we had the granular report subscriptions (who doesn’t?!) with all those tiny, side-by-side graphs. And these are ideal – necessary! – for teams in their day-to-day work. However, we were spending hours building reports from these – it was unsustainable at best and (at worst) crushing the bottom line. We needed a solution that showed where to streamline talent, uncovered audience behaviors, highlighted critical stats, gave insights to campaigns – basically – what works and what needs attention.

What We Created: Clarity – Clarity is a web-based, decision-level diagnostic tool that’s available 24/7. It shows real-time omnichannel data, critical metrics in one place. It identifies trends and gives insight trends before they impact business goals and growth. Another plus? It saves teams hours of report building time. 

What You Get: Clarity – Clarity is built with input from C-suite, executive directors, boards, ownership, entrepreneurs and teams. It’s the diagnostic profile you need to leverage budgets, time and talent for business growth and success.